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Online bingo is so popular because it’s cheap to play, there is the chance to win big money and there are so many fun variants to try and explore. Playing housie games online is even better than playing at an actual bingo hall because there is so much more variety in the types of bingo games on offer. There are almost countless housie games, but these are our very top 10 favourite housie games.

bonus $50 free
games 2 bingo rooms + 15 table games and niche titles
chatroom/multiplayer x
pre-purchase tickets x

1. 90 Ball Bingo

In 90 Ball Bingo, you’re trying to be the first player to mark all the number off of a 9×3 card. Your playing card has three horizontal lines, nine columns downwards and five numbers in each row, meaning that you have a total of 15 numbers to cross off. For 90 Ball Bingo, there are usually three prizes awarded in each game; one for being the first player to mark one line of numbers off, another prize for being the first player to have two rows marked off and finally the Full House prize which means all numbers on your playing card have been called.

2. 75 Ball Bingo

Playing cards in 75 Ball Bingo are 5×5, with 24 numbers to be crossed off on each card (the very centre square is always left blank). Because there are fewer possible numbers to be drawn 75 Ball Bingo is a quicker game than 90 Ball Bingo, and we love it for its faster pace. When you’re playing online 75 Ball Bingo games generally don’t last longer than three minutes. 75 Ball Bingo is a popular bingo game so it’s available at every dedicated bingo site and there are always multiple 75 Ball Bingo rooms up and running at any one time.

3. Turbo Bingo

Turbo Bingo is a drastically faster game of 90 Ball Bingo. A game of Turbo Bingo won’t last longer than two minutes. Once the game of Turbo Bingo begins a new numbered ball is drawn every single second. Plus in Turbo Bingo you also have a Chat Host running very speedy side chat games so you can win even more prizes. If you want a quick and thrilling round of bingo we thoroughly recommend Turbo Bingo rooms. They are great if you only have a short amount of time for a game or if you want to play more games and find out the outcomes of games sooner.

4. Swedish Bingo

Swedish Bingo is very similar to 75 Ball Bingo, except there are even more prizes to be won. In Swedish Bingo there are a total of five prizes given away for every game. It’s a multi-line game of bingo in that prizes are awarded in terms of lines, there are prizes for the first player with; one line marked off, two lines marked off, three lines marked off, four lines marked off and a full house. These winning lines can either be vertical or horizontal on your 5×5 playing card.

5. Free Bingo

Free Bingo games are great, who wouldn’t want to win free money at no cost? Free Bingo games are just what they sound like, bingo rooms where you can play for free and win real prizes. These prizes vary depending on which bingo site you’re playing at but usually you win free playing cards or money into your bingo playing account. Any major dedicated bingo site will run at least a daily free bingo game. Whether 75 Ball Bingo or 90 Ball Bingo is played in the Free Bingo room is dependent on your gaming provider too.

6. Chat Host Games

Chat Host bingo games are unique to online bingo. They utilise the live chat feature in online bingo rooms to run bonus games whilst the main bingo game is underway so that you can win free bingo cards, free spins on slots if your bingo site offers it and sometimes even cash prizes. In Chat Host games you have a real person running short comps through the chat feature, these may be things like trivia quizzes and word games. Chat Host games are very social and interactive way of playing Web bingo.

7. Winnable Progressive Jackpot Housie Games

Progressive jackpot games are games where a small percentage of the cost of playing is taken from each player participating in a game and added to the main jackpot is given away. This means that the more players partaking in a progressive jackpot bingo game, the bigger the prize up for grabs is. At many Australian dedicated bingo sites progressive jackpot games can be worth tens of thousands of dollars. In particular we like winnable progressive jackpot games because that means that it is guaranteed that the jackpot will be won by someone by a certain deadline. This makes playing bingo all the more exciting.

8. Bingo With Slots On The Side

Many dedicated bingo sites now have additional casino games that you can play from their site as well. Often these are designed so that they can be played at the same time. For instance at Kitty Bingo you can have a bingo game running and play one of their slots titles at the same time. This provides a nice distraction if you are a multi-tasker or if you want a quick gaming break from bingo. Many bingo sites have pokies, roulette, blackjack, poker variants and other casino games in addition to their bingo rooms.

9. Team Bingo

In Team Bingo you play rounds of bingo in a larger tournament working in teams to win the major tournament prize. In Team Bingo you can sign up a team with friends or be allocated to a team if you don’t know enough other players playing. Team Bingo is great because it’s got camaraderie, a strong sense of competition and adds a real social element to the game. Plus there are usually huge prizes given away at the end of a Team Bingo tournament.

10. Coverall Bingo Games

Guaranteed Coverall Bingo games give away a minimum amount whenever they are held. For example at Aussie Dollar Bingo there is a nightly $750 Coverall Bingo game held at 10pm where $750 is guaranteed to be given away in 50 calls. We love coverall games because you know a decent amount of money will be given away in prizes.

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