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Bingo can blur the lines between a fun game and a serious gambling title and that is why many can be on the fence when it comes to bingo apps for smartphones and tablets. This is because they do not involve players gambling for real money due to legislation and therefore can limit the traditional version of the game.

We take a look at these bingo apps for both smartphones and tablets, and why playing at the mobile version of our favourite bingo sites can be more advantageous than playing the apps. Firstly we take a look at the apps that are available in the app store, but keep in mind these are not for real money.

Why don’t app stores have real money bingo apps?

Unfortunately, regardless of the device you have, whether it be Windows, Android, or Apple, legislation prevents application developers from creating real money bingo apps. Unless the developers find a loophole, which some web casinos have including both Royal Vegas and Jackpot City, we are unable to download any real money apps regardless if it is bingo or not.

Under the Interactive Gaming Act 2001 real money gaming apps for mobile devices have been banned. So while we may type in ‘bingo’ into our app store and return a long list of game results, none of these offer the same experience that playing real money bingo at bingo sites do.

Some bingo apps have in-app purchases though?

Many players can be fooled into thinking the apps offer chances to win real cash due to the fact you can purchase things like cards, daubs, tokens, and more in the bingo apps, but in actual fact you are basically just purchasing play money, like buying monopoly money -it means something in the game but won’t really win you anything in real life.

Unless you don’t mind spending money on gameplay, which won’t return winnings, then we advise to avoid purchasing anything within the app. Additionally, you will most likely be able to play a mini or side game to win necessary tokens, tickets, balls, etc.

Can I turn in-app purchases off?

Yes you can. If you are worried about accidentally purchasing something while you are playing one of the many free bingo apps from the application store, you can change your settings so that you are required to enter a four digit pin before any purchases. We cover how to do so for the most popular devices, otherwise do a simple Google search for yours if it isn’t listed here.

Apple: Go to your devices settings, tap on ‘General’ and then on ‘Restrictions’. From here tap on ’enable restrictions’ and create a four digit PIN. Re-enter it to confirm and then scroll down to ‘In-App Purchases’ and slide to ‘Off’. This will prevent any accidental in-app purchases on your Apple iPhone or iPad.

Android: Go to the Google Play store and then click on the three lines to access the Settings. Here, tap on ‘Require authentication for purchases’ and then on ‘For all app purchases through Google Play for this device’. Provide your Google Password and tap on the OK button to complete the process to stop in-app purchases on Android devices.

Windows: Go the Store app and then tap on the three dots to enter the ‘Settings’. Here, tap on ‘PIN’ and then on ‘Wallet Pin’ to enable it. Create a four digit pin and then confirm to prevent in-app purchases on Windows devices.

How to download a bingo app

Just as you download any app to your device, you simply head to the application store, type in the title your are after or enter the search term of the app you are after (in this case ’bingo’) and then tap on the game to download. You may have to enter a password, depending on your settings, but once it has loaded on your home screen you will be able to tap on it and play the game.

We have listed a few of the most popular bingo apps available to download. While these are fun to play, they don’t offer the same experience that real money bingo rooms offer which are available at some of our favourite web casinos and bingo sites, which we will list below.

  • Monopoly Bingo
  • Bingo Blitz
  • Bingo
  • Super Bingo
  • Bingo Cats
  • And much more

Each bingo title is bright, fun, and loud just as many of the available games are from every device’s app store. They offer the chance for players to learn how bingo works if they haven’t played it before, without using real money. But since developers have needed to make the games more unique, to make up for the lack of real money bingo apps, they can be a bit different. There are generally tutorials which you can take prior to playing each game.

Alternatives to bingo apps

Bingo AustraliaIf you want to experience the more traditional bingo games on a modern platform players can access reputable web casinos and bingo sites via your smartphone or tablet and play the games for real cash. Recommended mobile bingo sites include;

We have visited each mobile site ourselves, which uses the same log in details we created on the desktop version, via our smartphones and tablets, and taken note of all the benefits when playing mobile browser bingo over playing the aforementioned bingo apps.

Real money bingo: The first, and most obvious advantage, to playing bingo tiles at mobile sites is the fact you are playing with and for real cash, rather than play money. This may not be for everyone, as some may actually prefer free play, but for those who want a thrilling experience and like to play for winnings then obviously mobile sites are the better option.

Smoother gameplay: Apps use up a lot of storage space and therefore if you are beginning to run out of space, gameplay may not be as smooth. Mobile websites don’t require storage to operate smoothly and thus you can play bingo without worrying you will be exited from the app due to system issues.

Immediately available: When players download a native app from their application store, they have to search for it, then wait for it to be installed. When accessing bingo via a mobile site, players simply jump on to their mobile browser, such as Chrome, Firefox or Safari, type in the URL and login to start playing. This can be a lot quicker. Additionally, they can cut this time in half by creating web apps for the site and games to access via their home screen, making the process even speedier.

Can be made into an app: Apps do have the advantage that they are convenient, however it is possible to make a web app which mimics native apps, but doesn’t take up as much storage space as it runs via your mobile browser. Simply head to your favourite bingo site, or bingo game, click on your mobile browser’s settings and then on ‘Add to Home Screen’, and a self-titled web app will appear on your home screen so you no longer have to open your browser and tap in the URL.

What type of games can I play at mobile bingo sites?

These bingo sites offer the usual 90-ball and 75-bingo games, as well as free bingo games, progressive bingo games, giveaway bingo titles, no limit bingo games, and much more all accessed via their mobile bingo games lobby.

Additionally, they also offer casino-style games at these sites including slots, poker, scratch cards, and the occasional keno title. This is another advantage over playing a bingo app, as you get more variety when playing.

Deposit options at mobile bingo sites

Obviously to play with real funds you need to make a deposit. The aforementioned sites have globally recognised payment options including;

  • Credit and debit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, and Maestro
  • e-Wallets, such as Neteller and Skrill
  • Prepaid options, including Ukash
  • And more

Is it safe to play real money bingo on mobile devices?

Provided you are playing at a regulated website that offers bingo, you are safe to make a deposit to buy bingo cards. All of our listed and recommended bingo sites are regulated by third party organisations which regularly check in to ensure they are offering their players a secure and fun service. Additionally, they implement modern encryption technology to ensure when you tap in your personal and financial details no one can hack into the site and steal them.

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