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Playing bingo online is a completely different experience from playing live. Losing the ability for face to face contact can be a mitigating factor for some players, too. However, socialising online is not impossible because most Internet bingo games feature extensive chat rooms. It is merely different. One of the biggest perks of playing on the Internet is the possibility of earning massive bonuses.

bonus $50 free
games 2 bingo rooms + 15 table games and niche titles
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pre-purchase tickets x

Types of online bingo bonuses

Some may argue that you give up so much when you choose to play bingo online instead of at a brick and mortar bingo hall. They decry the inability to socialise with others online. While they make an argument worthy of addressing, they are wrong.

Like many other types of Internet games, online bingo makes up for the limitations of online gaming by offering numerous types of cash and credit bonuses to get more players online on a regular basis. In order for bonuses to be worthwhile for these sites, they will usually require you to fulfill certain stipulations before making the bonuses available.

Because of this practice, it is a good idea to become familiar with the requirements of each bonus rather than seeing them as easy money. They can be easy money, though, since the prerequisites are frequently not too stringent. Here are some examples:

Sign Up Bonuses: These are bonuses you get for simply signing up to play. Usually this type of bonus is tied to the amount of time you spend playing. Thus, in order to earn a sign up bonus, you have to sign up and play a specific game, such as online bingo, for a certain amount of hours. This type of bonus is typically small.

Deposit Bonuses: A deposit bonus is also referred to as a matching bonus, which gives one an idea of how they work. The wording for this type of bonus is along the lines of “200% matching bonus up to $5000 on your first deposit.” This means you can deposit anywhere up to $2500 on your first deposit and see that doubled.

However, one fairly common stipulation for deposit bonuses is that you have a limited period of time to spend that bonus money or else it goes away. Consequently, especially when playing a lower stakes game like bingo, your smaller deposit bonuses might be a better option. It’s usually easier to earn the smaller matching bonuses.

Keep in mind that websites aren’t trying to trick you with these bonuses either. Different bonus levels meet players’ needs for different types of games at different stakes. Make sure the websites you choose have the types of bonuses that work for your gaming needs.

Progressive Jackpots: While not a bonus in the strictest sense, progressive jackpots allow bingo players an opportunity to win huge payouts–even though the odds of winning tend to be less than in other games. These poorer odds allow companies to afford progressive jackpots.

The way a progressive jackpot bingo game works requires a more stringent method of winning than other games. Game designers place a limit on how many numbers get called. If nobody wins after the number limit has been reached, the progressive jackpot increases for the next game. This continues until somebody wins the jackpot.

Winning a progressive jackpot in bingo is a difficult proposition. The winning pattern is something along the lines of a completely blacked out bingo card (known as a cover-all).

In-Game Bonuses: Another type of bonus unique to online bingo is one where the specific number called out carries with it a special bonus if you match it. For example if the caller calls out B-9, and your system has B-9 lit up in a different colour than the colour for the rest of the numbers, this means B-9 has a bonus attached to it. If you have B-9 on your card, you may be eligible for this bonus.

Bingo games go about this bonus a couple of different ways. In some cases, if you match any in-game bonuses then you win these regardless if your card was the winner that round. In other cases, though, the only way to get these bonuses is to win with the card that contains the bonus.

Loyalty and VIP Programs: Just like their physical counterparts, online casinos offer special programs for their regular players or their big spenders. These programs may feature additional deposit bonuses or early notifications for special offers, as well as a host of perks. When signing up to play bingo, take a look at what programs it offers to see if your playing habits make it easy to become eligible for one of these programs.

In addition to offering bonuses, bingo sites also distinguish themselves with various options for gameplay. For example, good strategy requires players to play multiple cards together for each round. This increases the likelihood of winning that round.

Some software programs include options to make the computer keep track of each matching number you get on each card you’re playing. If a game offers a free, no-download version that you can play to try, take advantage of this and see if the in-game features benefit your play. Remember that online bingo bonuses differ from site to site and, after researching, pick out the ones that work best for you.

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