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Welcome to – a comprehensive website built for Australians and others about playing real money bingo, also known as housie, on the Internet. Our team advises players on how to play all types of bingo games, how to safely deposit money and withdraw winnings, and the best and safest Internet bingo sites to play.

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About online bingo

Much of the stereotype surrounding bingo is it is chiefly a game for the elderly in large halls, retirement and nursing homes. This stereotype is far from the truth. While many elderly folk do enjoy calling out ‘bingo’, the game has evolved in to something much bigger.

Online bingo is multi-million dollar industry, with the latest gaming software and technology being used across all the most reputable and licensed sites. Players from around the world can partake in live tournaments and competitions – games run by Random Number Generators (RNGs) which are tested and approved by independent gaming regulatory bodies – chat to each other within an online community, partake in progressive jackpot games, claim bonuses and promotions, and play other casino titles such as blackjack, pokies and roulette.

Bingo, keno and scratch card gambling sites

Australians have more opportunities than ever to gamble for real money on the Internet. There are literally thousands of gambling sites which would happily accept your AUD dollar. But not all of them are trustworthy and often you will they don’t specifically cater for us. aims to cut through the myriad of information available and provide you with clear concise guidelines of what you should look for when attempting to gamble on the web. You can read reviews of sites we endorse for Australian punters, you can read about how to deposit money at these sites and most importantly our team will run you through the gameplay associated with each site.

Internet bingo gameplay and why it’s better

While bingo has seen a massive growth in popularity recently, playing bingo at a live hall still generally appeals to a certain demographic. But with the introduction of online games, players of all ages (18+) and from all backgrounds can enjoy this game of chance.

Let’s first differentiate between the separate bingo styles of play available on the Web: live community-involved games, and single player computer-simulated games – both of which are operated by RNGs. If you Google online bingo, you get a host of diverse results saying PLAY HERE! and FREE BONUS! But not often does a site go in to the detail of what the games actually involve. People are always searching for different options, and we are determined to offer the best possible information and guidance to assist you in making the right choice.

Multiplayer scheduled and community games

Online Bingo CommunityThe scheduled gameplay bingo format, offered by dedicated bingo sites such as Bingo Australia, Aussie Dollar Bingo, Bingo Cabin and Bingo Liner, involve players from all across the globe registering for such games and playing against each other. These games include 75, 90 and 80 (a hybrid version) ball bingo, as well as other variations such as speed bingo (30-ball). Here is where we chat and play with others, and join a true Internet-established community. Games are scheduled to commence at all different times throughout the day and night, so you can play according to your agenda.

Single player computer-simulated gameplay

Online casinos are the other platform to play bingo games – however these bingo titles are designed for the individual, and you aren’t playing against others – they are nevertheless entertaining, and are just like the RNG blackjack or the RNG roulette games we play at these gambling sites. The titles available here include:

Ballistic Bingo

  • Ballistic Bingo
  • Bingo Bananza
  • Electro Bingo
  • Mayan Bingo
  • Pharaoh Bingo
  • Samba Bingo
  • Super Bonus Bingo

Both formats

In both formats of the game, we can opt to practice/play for free, or gamble for real money. Within community games, playing with real cash gives you access to a wider selection of competitions and prize pools.

Player benefits

With a significant range of diverse games available over the Internet, and the fact we can play at the time which suits us, Web-based bingo is far more convenient for players keen on indulging in this entertaining activity, as well as those looking to make the switch from land-based gaming to online gaming.

Not only are there many games available at all times of the day and night, but other advantages include:

  • Player value: open an online bingo account and receive: free cash welcome bonuses, free entry in to tournaments and competitions, constant promotions, and the chance to win prizes. Many sites also offer a no-deposit bonus as soon as you register.
  • Play at numerous different sites, including online casinos owning single-player, computer-simulated titles.
  • Buy cards with prices which suit your bankroll, and join huge progressive jackpot games.
  • Chat with players from around the world and establish friendships in scheduled games.
  • Financial security and reliable banking options: keep track of all your winnings in your account, be confident knowing that your banking and personal details are secured using the highest digital encryption standards, and take advantage of the selection of deposit and withdraw methods available at all of our sites.
  • Seek help and customer support with live chat features available at each of our promoted websites – talk with real people and get instant answers to your questions.

90 and 75-ball games

All the online bingo halls we endorse offer both of these versions of the game. 90-ball bingo is the format played in most countries of the world, and in Australia and also New Zealand you’ll often hear it called housie.

Bingo TicketsThe 90-ball game uses a three-row-by-nine-column ticket (27 squares with 15 of those squares covered by numbers), and such tickets are sold in strips of six so every number from one to 90 is featured, and players are guaranteed to mark a number on every call. Mark off one row, two rows and the whole card to win.

The 75-ball game uses a five-row-by-five-column ticket (25 squares with 24 of those squares covered with a number, and the middle square often marked ‘free’). A straight line is considered a winning combination, and this can be top to bottom/bottom to top, left to right/right to left, and diagonally. Other patterns are also often deemed winning combinations. Some games require a player to fill out his/her entire card (called ‘blackout bingo’) and this variation is often played for an increased amount of prize money.

Visit our games page to find out more about how to play these titles and other variations such as speed bingo (30-ball), hybrid bingo (80-ball), Quick Shot, Death Bingo, and more.

Real money online bingo halls and communities

We endorse only a handful of the most secure, trusted and reputable real money bingo sites which cater to Australians. The games available at these websites use fair and tested Random Number Generator technology, just like the software behind online pokies and other casino titles.

While the main format of the game played at land-based venues (clubs, halls, etc.) in Australia is 90-ball bingo, Internet sites do not restrict themselves. Our recommended sites offer the 75-ball game popular in North America, and other variants as mentioned above. The sites also host other RNG casino games like scratchies/instants, table games such as blackjack and roulette, and pokies/slots.

Other areas we discuss

A team made up of dedicated Australian journalists and editors, we aim to cover all aspects of the online bingo industry, and also touch on land-based bingo venues around Australia. We offer full descriptions of the different styles of the game of bingo and how it has evolved, explain all the terminology associated with this activity, discuss the legal side of things, live dealer bingo, and review all of our specific bingo websites.

We also talk about playing bingo on mobile and tablet platforms, offer tips and strategies, and discuss security and safety aspects such as financing online accounts and what’s involved with banking, and the independent companies which test for fair gameplay and trustworthiness.

While bingo is our no.1 game we are also passionate about online gambling pursuits such as scratch cards and Keno. In good time we will write comprehensive guides for our readers.

Mobile and tablet bingo

Mobile Bingo Android PhonePlaying real cash bingo on mobiles is an area still in development, as software from many of the bingo sites is not yet compatible with such devices. Those who own tablets such as the iPad, the Google Nexus, the Samsung Galaxy Note and others, are currently able to access real money multi-player, scheduled games on these platforms, along with single-player computer-simulated titles.

There are apps available in the App Store, Google Play and other application distributing platforms, as well as Facebook apps, which do offer free bingo games for play money, however such platforms currently do not provide real money bingo applications due to Australian restrictions. The social network gaming apps and other practice play apps can help you get a feel for the game.

Is online bingo legal in Australia?

Playing real money bingo over the Internet is legal for Australian citizens, and residents are not punished for accessing the real cash services provided by any online bingo association. However, operating a Web-based gambling company within our borders can land you in hot water.

Australia passed certain laws back in 2001 which are still maintained today (Interactive Gambling Act), and these restrictions target online gambling operators by making it an offence for such companies to offer/advertise real cash interactive gambling services to the Australian public. Thus, you won’t find many organisation based within our borders providing such services, and if you’re thinking about starting such a business, it might be worth reconsidering. Bingo on the Internet falls into the category of ‘real money interactive services.’

Then how can we legally play? We can access companies based offshore. While such organisations may be in violation of the Australian law, the restrictions aren’t sufficient to punish these businesses, and there has never been a major attempt by the government to stop such organisations from offering their services to Aussie citizens, largely because these corporations fall well outside of our jurisdiction.

Licensed, legitimate and regulated

Having said all that, the offshore bingo and casino sites we promote are all fully licensed in locations such as Malta, Gibraltar and Costa Rica, and regulated by third party testing agencies such as Leapfrog Gaming and the Alderney Gambling Control Commission. As such, all games have been tested and approved for player fairness.

We will only ever promote companies and their sites which we ourselves have tested out with real money, and spoken with managers and operators. We are here to keep you clear of untrustworthy and unprofessional corporations. As we are placing our money with a foreign company, we make sure such organisations fully comply with the stringent interactive gaming standards set.

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