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Playing online bingo for real money in Australia is a lot of fun, and it can lead to some impressive prizes with a minimal amount of effort. Aussie citizens certainly aren’t blind to this fact, as an increasing number are logging onto leading gaming sites each year. Learn how to play online bingo for real money, the best bingo sites for Aussie players and the advantages of online play.

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The law and online gambling in Australia

The most meaningful piece of legislation regarding online gambling in Australia was passed by the Commonwealth Parliament in 2001. Known as the Interactive Gambling Act (IGA), it made it illegal for online gambling operations to offer their services to residents of Oz. It also became a punishable offense to advertise such services to Australian citizens.

Much of this legislation is not enforced, however, and bingo sites such as Mainstage Bingo and Bingo Australia are known to do a great deal of business with Aussie punters. As these sites are licensed offshore, the stipulations of the IGA do not apply and Aussies can legally gamble at these sites with no worries.  Real-money bingo sites are even less affected than online casinos, as the law regards this game as “minor gambling” on a par with raffles.

So what does this mean for residents of “the land down under” who want to enjoy a few games of Internet bingo? Actually, it has no real effect on them. Aussie citizens are free to gamble online at virtual casinos or bingo halls, and they can do so without any fear of legal reprisals for the government.

How Internet bingo works

People who are computer illiterate may think it’s difficult to play online bingo for real money in Australia. Actually, just the opposite is true. In many ways, playing online bingo is even simpler than playing the game at a land-based location.

When you find a site you enjoy (such as Mainstage Bingo), the first step will be to sign up for a new account. This is a painless process, and you’ll be expected to provide basic details such as your name, address, date of birth and things of that nature. Depending on the site, you may receive a bonus just for completing this simple task, like Mainstage Bingo which offers a $15 bonus just for signing up.Bingo bonus

Assuming you’re playing for real money, the next step will be to deposit funds into your account. Aussie players have dozens of safe deposit options to choose from, and they range from leading credit card companies to e-wallet services. Most deposits are available immediately, so as soon as your account has money in it, you’re ready to begin play.

If you play at a bingo site recommended here at, it’s likely to have different rooms with various themes and games, and some of them may only be available during certain times of the day, while others will be accessible 24/7. After navigating to the room you want to play in, all you need to do is find an upcoming game of bingo and click on it. As soon as it begins, you’ll be competing for lots of cool prizes with players from all over the world.

When the game commences, balls will be selected by a random number generator and the computer will automatically mark any matching numbers on your ticket. This will continue until a winner is declared. Afterwards, you can play another game or continue to explore the site.

After you’ve played (and won) for a while, you’ll want to withdraw some of your winnings. This is easy to accomplish, as you only need to choose from the available withdrawal options provided by the site. These range from low-tech options such as personal cheques to more sophisticated methods like credit cards and e-wallet services

Advantages of online bingo

There are a number of advantages to playing virtual housie, and this section is devoted to listing some of the more notable examples. We’ve talked to a lot of players over the last decade, and have noticed an increasing number prefer the Internet version to the real thing. This surge in popularity is likely due to the following:

Privacy – After a long day of work, many of us like to relax in our pjyamas or underclothes. While they frown on this kind of behaviour down at the local bingo hall, we’ve never heard a complaint from any online players. One of the major advantages to playing Internet housie is that nobody can see what you’re doing, so whether you’re dressed inappropriately or doing something that’s technically illegal, nobody can hassle you in the privacy of your own home.

Better prizes – The prizes offered online are often larger than what you’ll find at land-based parlours. This is reason enough to make the switch, especially if your interest in bingo tends to revolve around money.

bingo bonusesOnline bonuses – Playing bingo at an online casino gives you access to all kinds of special bonuses, promotional offers and competitions that you’ll never find when playing at your local bingo hall. More bang for your buck is a huge plus, and will give you a leg-up from the start.

Improved security – We once read a newspaper story about a big winner who got robbed in the parking lot as they were leaving the bingo hall. That’s never going to happen when you play online, as the sophisticated security measures ensure that all your digital transactions are conducted without a hitch.

Automated functions – Once a game begins, you don’t need to do anything but sit back and watch. The software will instantly dab any matching numbers on your ticket, so you’ll never miss a winning number, and you won’t even need to make yourself hoarse shouting “bingo.”

Customisation – Tired of the circular shape that your dabber makes? When playing online you can change it to a number of different designs, including butterflies and clovers. The ink can also be modified to match your favourite colour. It may be a small detail but tailoring the game to your personal tastes can really add something to the online experience.

A variety of games – At a regular bingo hall, you’re limited to playing whatever game is currently being called. Online, however, you’ll be able to choose from multiple games being conducted at the same time, with rooms featuring different themes and chat options. In addition, sites like Lucky Pants Bingo also feature casino games for your enjoyment.

Freedom to smoke – No matter where you go in Australia, the law prevents you from smoking in indoor locations open to the public. This can be a real annoyance for those who love their nicotine, but we’ve yet to play at a website where no smoking laws have been enforced. Play in your own home and you play by your own rules.

If you’ve never played online bingo for real money in Australia, it’s something we highly recommend. There’s a strong sense of community at these sites, and only the most unsociable people will come away without making some new mates. The most popular types of bingo are always provided, including 75 ball and 90 ball bingo, and there are plenty of unique gimmicks and offers to keep things interesting. Best of all, the computer software does all the work of dabbing your card, so you can keep your hands free for chatting or drinking some Melbourne Bitter.

Sign up at our #1 real money community site Mainstage Bingo and receive a free $15 no deposit bonus just for joining.

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