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If you are unfamiliar with what pre-buy housie tickets are, or simply haven’t actually bought any before, we have all bases covered. We have the info on the very best, dedicated bingo sites that sell pre-buy housie tickets.

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Online bingo compared to the bingo you play in an actual bingo hall can be overwhelming, just because you have so many more types of bingo games running more frequently. When you are playing housie online you will find that many of the bingo games held will allow you to pre-buy tickets if you wish; usually this will be advertised with the tag – ‘Pre-buys available!’

What are pre-buy bingo games?

‘Pre-buy bingo games’ aren’t really a specific type of bingo game. Bingo games of all sorts of varieties – whether it’s 90 ball bingo, 75 ball bingo, coverall bingo, chat host bingo or team bingo – may have pre-buy tickets available.

Pre-buy playing cards simply means that you may purchase them well in advance before the game has begun.

There are quite a few perks to pre-buy tickets. For one, you can lock in your place in a bingo game; there’s no rush to buy tickets right before a round of bingo begins and you won’t miss out on any of the bingo games you really want to be a part of if you pre-buy your playing cards.

It’s important to note pre-buy tickets aren’t available for all Internet housie games. For instance, in online housie rooms where new bingo rounds begin every few minutes, there’s probably no point in buying pre-buy tickets anyway and they probably won’t even be offered.

When you’re scrolling through the advertised bingo games at a housie site, there will usually be a sentence or two letting you know whether pre-buy tickets are sold or not. Bingo games that have guaranteed jackpots or particularly large jackpots will usually sell pre-buy tickets because there is the interest there for players to register early.

Housie games that have optional pre-buy tickets always have a scheduled time to start. For example, when Bingo Australia is running its $10,000 Friday Night Party special (that begins at 10pm on the nights it is run), there are always pre-buy tickets on sale beforehand.

How do you purchase pre-buy bingo tickets?

If you haven’t bought pre-buy housie tickets before don’t be intimidated. It is a very easy process, and after you’ve done it once you’ll have no problem buying them in the future.

The first step is being registered with your chosen online housie provider. If you haven’t signed up to a bingo site yet, you should get on that. The whole registering process only takes a number of minutes, and if you are signing up to a quality bingo provider you should be given some enticing welcome bonuses as well.

Some bingo sites give you a welcome bonus before you even make your first real money deposit. For example, at Lucky Pants Bingo you get $5 for free instantly when you sign up. This means you can begin purchasing pre-buy playing cards straightaway if you wish.

If you already have a bingo playing account you may need to make a deposit in order to have funds to buy pre-buy tickets. Making a deposit is a pretty straightforward process. All you have to do is log into your account and head to the ‘banking’ or ‘cashier’ section of your site. From here, you will be presented with a list of payment options to make a deposit. All you have to do is follow the prompts to complete the transaction.

When you have money to spend in your account simply click on the bingo game that you want to pre-buy tickets for. Depending on where you’re playing you can look under the ‘Prebuys’ section or ‘Promotions’ section to see which areas appeal to you. You can always purchase more than one pre-buy playing card at a time.

Where can I play housie games with pre-buy tickets?

When choosing a bingo site to play at online you want your bingo provider to have a wide variety of fun bingo variants, secure deposit and withdrawal methods and enticing bonuses and loyalty rewards. We have tried and tested a number of online housie sites and we have narrowed it down to our absolute favourites.

The sites we write about also have plenty of pre-buy tickets options. Here’s a bit of a run-down on how the best bingo sites run their bingo games that sell pre-buy playing cards:

Lucky Pants Bingo

Lucky Pants Bingo has pre-buy tickets on offer for its biggest jackpots. For example their Win Win Wednesday bingo game is held on a weekly basis and has a guaranteed $200 jackpot. It has other promotional bingo games and major jackpot games (that can get as high as $10 000) that sell pre-buy tickets.

Kitty Bingo

Kitty Bingo has a specific ‘Prebuy’ tab in its bingo lobby so you can find its games with pre-buy tickets on offer efficiently. Kitty Bingo has bingo games with pre-buy tickets scheduled daily, some are regular games held on a weekly basis while others are more interchangeable. Before you purchase any pre-buy tickets Kitty Bingo let’s you know how many other players have already purchased pre-buy tickets so you have some idea of what you’re up against before you get involved.

Bingo Australia

If you look under the ‘Bingo Sessions’ tab on the Bingo Australia site you will be shown all of the current bingo games that are selling pre-buy tickets. This section contains all of the basic information on the bingo games, for example whether pre-buy tickets are sold or not, how much each playing card costs, the jackpot and/or other prizes that are up for grabs, what time the game is on and some info about the type of bingo game it is.

Aussie Dollar Bingo

Aussie Dollar Bingo is the sister site to Bingo Australia and usually has similar pre-buy ticket bingo games on offer. We recommend heading to the ‘Current Promotions’ section of their site to be shown any exclusive and enticing bingo games being run at the moment.

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