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Bingo players come from all walks of life, but the most common image is that of the elderly woman sitting with fellow seniors in a bingo hall. While it’s true that many people over the age of 65 enjoy the game, the rise of virtual halls has led to a major increase in younger players. In this article, we’ll examine the types of people who play bingo, from blue-collar blokes to celebrity babes.

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Age Range of Bingo Fans

Travel to any bingo hall and you’re bound to find a large number of older individuals enjoying an inexpensive evening of gaming. However, there should still be a fair amount of younger players ranging from twenty-somethings to middle-aged men and women. A lot of older gamers bring their daughters or granddaughters to play with them, which affords male bingo players a chance to flirt with some attractive ladies from various generations.

In recent years, online destinations such as True Blue Bingo have drawn an increasingly younger group of players. According to one study, over 100 million people play bingo around the globe, and 80% of this number is comprised of women between the ages of 30 and 50. Many of these ladies are housewives who need something to pass the time between caring for children, cooking meals, and cleaning.

Younger players are also discovering the pleasures of bingo. In the United Kingdom, the number of enthusiasts under the age of 45 has increased to over 60% in the last decade. With a growing number of virtual bingo halls offering mobile gaming options, I expect that number to continue to rise.

Another advantage of online bingo is the convenience. Younger players may not have the patience to be stuck in one location for hours, so they can jump online and play whenever the mood strikes. Elderly fans of the game that can no longer drive are also able to get in on the fun, which means the average online hall may include players from 18 to 100.

Professions of Bingo Enthusiasts

Not all bingo players are retired. In fact, many patrons of virtual and land-based bingo halls are still contributing member of the workforce.

The financial status of players also varies, from the working-class to more lucrative professions such as doctors and lawyers. At an average table, you’re likely to see plumbers, nurses, retirees, and businessmen all sitting in close proximity. When it comes to bringing a diverse group of individuals together, it’s hard to beat bingo.

Celebrity Bingo Players

While some might imagine the celebrity lifestyle to be filled with endless parties and red carpet events, even famous people need to unwind on occasion. Of course, there’s no better way to relax than playing a few games of bingo, and the rise of the online gaming industry allows celebs to play whenever they want and stay anonymous in the process. According to my research, here are some famous folks who enjoy playing bingo.

Robbie Williams – Originally a member of the band Take That, Williams eventually went solo and has sold over 70 million records worldwide. Like many UK residents, Robbie enjoys the 90-ball version of the game, and he’s a regular guest at bingo parties thrown by his celebrity friends. You might also find him at some of the more upscale London bingo halls such as Gala or Mecca.

Mick Jagger – The lead vocalist for The Rolling Stones, Jagger is one of the most iconic singers in the history of rock. He’s been thrilling audience for five decades, but he’s also known to unwind by throwing lavish bingo parties for his close pals in the United Kingdom.

Catherine Zeta-Jones – The Oscar-winning actress is best-known for her roles in Chicago, The Mask of Zorro, and Traffic. Even though she’s a native of Wales, Catherine’s time in the United States has taught her a love of 75-ball bingo. She’s been known to host private parties for celebrity friends and family members, especially around Christmas.

Simon Le Bon – Simon is best-known as the lead singer for Duran Duran, a pop band that’s been around since the 1980s and sold over 100 million albums in the process. When he’s not thrilling crowds with his vocals, it’s said that he regularly hosts and attends bingo parties.

Jessica Simpson – She’s sold over 30 million albums worldwide, but she’s also been a successful actress and fashion designer. Known for being attractive and not especially bright, Simpson is proof that bingo is suitable for people of all intellectual levels.

Glenda Gilson – This knockout has made her name as a model and television presenter. She currently serves as a celebrity spokesperson for a leading Irish bingo site.

Sharon Osbourne – Not only does she serve as the face of a well-known bingo site, but Sharon also has a bingo information site that bears her name. She’s been the long-time manager of her husband, Ozzy Osbourne, but she’s also become famous in recent years as a television personality and reality show star.

Katie Price – Also known under the name Jordan, this well-known English personality has dabbled in acting, modelling, singing, and even writing. Katie serves as the celebrity spokesperson for an online bingo hall, and she can sometimes be found hanging out and chatting with fellow players.

Russell Crowe – This New Zealand-born actor has been a Hollywood force for years, and he’s thrilled audiences in such films as Gladiator, Master and Commander, L.A. Confidential, and 3:10 to Yuma. When he’s not acting, watching rugby, or singing with his band, Crowe is known to be a devoted fan of bingo.

Jennifer Aniston – This 40-something beauty first rocketed to stardom on the TV series Friends, but she’s since carved out a movie career in films such as Bruce Almighty, The Break-Up, and Horrible Bosses. She routinely graces the covers of tabloids, but they never mention her passion for bingo.

Bingo players come in all shapes and sizes, and the community aspect of the game is a major draw. For a nominal fee, you can spend several hours in the presence of fellow human beings with a chance of winning some nice prizes in the process. Internet bingo players can also make friends by utilizing the popular chat feature, and there have been strong friendships and even romances formed in this fashion. While bingo is a lot of fun, it also brings people together by exuding an innocent charm.

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