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The games of bingo and keno are somewhat similar in that they’re both lottery-based. Players hope for specific numbers to be drawn in order to win a jackpot. The key differences between the two mean you get vastly different experience with each game; however, ultimately we believe bingo is more fun. Here’s more on the games and why the team at OnlineBingo has come to this conclusion.

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Differences Between Keno And Bingo

One of the main differences between the two games is how you pick your numbers. In bingo you purchase playing cards to take part in the game. Bingo playing cards are already filled out with the required amount of numbers you need to play – you never pick the individual numbers yourself in bingo. In keno you get to choose your numbers from the total that are available, and each number costs you.

There’s also less variability in the amounts you can spend on the one bingo round. In online bingo games, you can generally purchase as many bingo playing cards in a game as you would like (they are usually auto-daubed so you don’t need to worry about not being able to follow all the playing cards). In keno the betting process is a lot more complex. Usually players have to choose how much they would choose to bet on each game and how many games they wish to use their chosen set of numbers for.

In bingo, numbers are picked out randomly until a player has all numbers marked off their card. Depending on which type of bingo is being played there may be more than one winner taking a piece of the prize pool, but regardless of the type of bingo being played there will usually be at most three winners with the player who marks off all their numbers first receiving the biggest prize. In keno usually 20 numbers are drawn out (usually from a choice of 80). Because people can pick their own numbers there are usually multiple winners in a game of keno, and how much a person wins depends on how much they chose to bet at the start of the game.

The rules of how to win bingo are generally more straightforward. There are different versions of bingo that alter how many prizes are awarded and change how you win. For instance, in 75-ball bingo there’s generally a winner who marks of the numbers in the highlighted formation first and a winner for whoever crosses off all of the card numbers first, while in 90-ball bingo there’s a winner for being the first to mark off one whole row, a winner for marking off two whole rows, and a full-house winner who crosses off all of their numbers. There may also be added jackpots or extra prizes offered by your bingo provider but in general there are a set number of winners for a game, and the rules of how to win each category is easy to understand.

Keno on the other hand has a more complex payout structure. Because you can bet vastly different amounts in Keno, and can choose to play with more or less numbers than other players, they need to have a payout system in place to ensure all participants have the chance to win something.

Why Bingo Is More Fun Than Keno

Keno is a fun game and definitely has a lot going for it in terms of being an exciting lottery game, but we believe bingo is better. If you’re a new player, who’s had little or no experience with either game, bingo is easier to understand. The rules of bingo are clear-cut. The objective of the game is obvious, and isn’t complicated by how much you choose to bet. Because it’s easier to grasp the rules, it’s a shorter amount of time before you’re right in the swing of the game and having fun.

Bingo feels more competitive, and the strong sense of competition makes the game more thrilling. In Keno there can be multiple winners or potentially no winners, other players have no effect on your individual game so essentially you’re playing on your own. Bingo is more social. You’re competing against others to be the first to get your numbers marked off. The major prize at the end of a bingo round has to be awarded, there’s always a winner. The thought that it could be you make the game much more captivating than Keno.

The complexity of placing bets in Keno drags down the pace and fun of the game. It puts too much focus on how much you’re spending. In bingo you simply purchase your playing cards (as few or as many as you would like) and you’re good to go. In Keno the betting process requires a lot more thought and can often end up more expensive as well.

Even the way the numbers are drawn in bingo is more exciting. In Keno there’s a set number of numbers picked out, this does not change from game to game. In bingo there’s no telling when a round may end, it all depends when a player manages to mark off their numbers. It’s exciting to watch the process unfold knowing you could be the final winner.

You’re more likely to lose money playing Keno. Obviously this is not a steadfast rule, and a lot depends on the individual player, but it is easier to let your bets get away from you in Keno. In bingo playing cards are generally very cheap, in online bingo playing cards usually cost somewhere between $0.05-$0.25. In Keno there is a lot more flexibility in the amounts you can bet and how much you can bet. You can bet on numbers, sets of number combinations and other possibilities and you can alter how much you’re betting on each game.

You can also lock yourself into bet on the numbers you picked out for multiple rounds. Some punters prefer this high roller style of betting but it’s easier for your money to slip away from you, and it’s easier to lose higher amounts of money for the same amount of playing time.

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