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The best part about playing bingo on iPhones is the variety, and we don’t just mean the games, rather the way we access the games. We can play bingo via apps from the App Store, or we can access real money games via our mobile browsers, such as Safari, or other manually downloaded browsers, such as Google Chrome or Firefox.

We take a look at both forms of bingo and include some of the best bingo titles available so when you have an iPhone 7 you already know how to play the games, you just get to experience a new platform.

Bingo apps from the App Store

By going to your App Store on your iPhone and typing in ‘bingo’ a long list of free bingo apps will appear. We take a look at the first three of the long list of search results, to outline the features of bingo apps when downloaded from the App Store.

It is important to note that while these are free to download they do, like many other apps, have in-app purchases. This doesn’t mean you are playing for real money it just means you are purchasing play money and you will not receive any winnings. If you want to restrict this you can go into your iPhone’s settings, click on ‘Restrictions’ and then on ‘enable restrictions’. You will then be prompted to create a four digit pin, which you will have to enter every time you make an in-app purchase. This prevents any accidental purchases.

Created by Storm8 Studios, Bingo is one of the most popular bingo apps available from the App Store. It’s free to download and you can play with and against friends by logging into Facebook. You can also opt to follow a tutorial to see how it works which we recommend if you haven’t played it before.

Players are given a ‘reward’ straight away in order to play and you kick things off by playing the ‘Bingo Beach’ level. There are a huge 116 levels to unlock, which can make it interesting. Additionally you can unlock up to 16 cards as you move up the levels. The balls are then read aloud or you can turn off the sound and view them instead. Players tap on their numbers when they are drawn and when you make a bingo pattern you press ‘Bingo’. Be careful though, if you don’t have bingo it will say ‘Bad Bingo’ and you will be locked out of the game for a a few seconds, preventing you from getting bingo before the game is over.

This app requires players to be operating on iOS 5.1.1 or later.

Monopoly Bingo
A spin on a classic board game, Monopoly Bingo has been created by the same company as the aforementioned app, Storm8 Studios. It’s quite similar to the above title too and if you know how to play that game you will know how to play this one. However the levels follow our favourite properties of the board game and seems to be a little bit speedier.

As with Bingo mentioned above, there are many other players playing the game too which means the amount of bingos left can run out before you have scored a bingo. Regardless, you can still unlock levels even if you don’t get bingo.

To play this app players need iOS 5.1.1 or later updated on their iPhones.

Bingo Bash
Bingo Bash, created by BitRhymes Inc, is more of an arcade type game than a bingo game, but nevertheless it can be quite fun despite not playing with real money.

Players begin by using balls to buy a card or two cards and then enter a bingo room. You are given a set 28 balls to begin with but if you run out you can purchase them, though even if you win bingo you don’t get any real winnings despite this in-app purchase, as mentioned above. However, there is a mini game where you can win balls to use to play if you don’t want to purchase balls.

There are quite a number of bingo rooms which are unlocked as you keep playing, which are all different. Additionally, since there are a number of rooms this adds a bit of uniqueness to what can be somewhat repetitive when you aren’t playing for real money.

You can also log in with Facebook and connect with your friends to make it more of a social game. You do have to wait for any bingo game that is in progress to join, unlike the above two bingo apps, though it generally doesn’t take long.

This app requires players to be operating on iOS 6.0.0 or a later version.

However, since bingo apps are generally free play bingo games, due to legislation generally preventing real money gambling apps (unless a software provider can find a loophole), we prefer visiting bingo sites via our mobile browsers to play real money bingo.

Mobile browser bingo

Accessing and playing bingo at bingo sites via our mobile browsers means we can play the game with real money by tapping the screen on our iPhone. While apps can be convenient, they don’t offer players the chance to play with real cash and therefore limits the experience.

However, it is important players stick to reputable bingo sites when going mobile especially since we are using our financial details. We have included some of the best mobile bingo sites for you to experience on your iPhone.

Bingo Australia
Bingo Australia’s mobile site isn’t as compact as a mobile site generally is but it is still easy to use. There are four rooms available to access via our iPhone’s including the $100K Winter Bucket List Main Contest Room, the 10c Mega PJP Room, the 20c 90 Aussieball room, and the Free Room Frenzy.

Additionally, Bingo Australia also offers players the chance to play mobile slots, poker, keno, and scratch cards on our iPhones.

Lucky Pants
Lucky Pants Bingo has a convenient and easy to access mobile bingo site which is compatible with iPhones. The rooms have been compressed to fit on the screen without minimising the name of the room and the information.

There is no separate mobile window that opens, which does occur with Bingo Australia, rather it takes you to the room with one tap. Additionally, if you press back, you aren’t taken back to the login page and automatically logged out, like other bingo mobile sites, which is convenient.

The rooms include Lucky Stripes, After Dark, Red Hearts, Fat Cat, Penny Heaven and Droopy Drawers, and will only allow you to enter via a tap if they are open. Additionally if you tap the arrows you will be able to view the Prebuys, the No Limits, and the Lucky Club categories of bingo available, similar to the desktop version.

Players can also play mobile slots at Lucky Pants Bingo’s mobile site.

How to create a mobile bingo web app

Web apps mimic apps you have downloaded from your App Store, but they run via your browser instead of on their own. To make one, so you can access the bingo site from your home screen simply head to any of the aforementioned sites by tapping on our links via your mobile Safari browser, and then tap on the rectangle with the arrow found in the bottom toolbar. Here, you will see a grey rectangle with a white plus sign in the middle with the text ‘Add to Home Screen’.

Tap on this and you will be promoted to name your web app (name it the bingo mobile site so you know what it is) and then an icon will appear on your home screen which when you tap on will take you directly to the site, without having to type in any URLs. It additionally removes the toolbars, giving you more screen space.

While free bingo apps can be fun, playing bingo via our iPhone’s browser is much more thrilling due to being able to win cash and that is why we prefer the latter. With the release of the iPhone 7 we recommend trying both types out to figure out which you prefer.

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