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Bingo is both fun and relaxing, and we believe it’s best enjoyed online. There is an abundance of free bingo on the Web; games are auto-daubed so you can play the game stress free, there’s a whole heap of different bingo variants to choose from, and players can easily play multiple playing cards at any one time from the comfort of home.

At many of the best major online bingo venues, you can play for free and even win real money prizes. Here are the best ways to play bingo for free on the Internet.

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Free Bingo Rooms At Dedicated Bingo Sites

Play Online Bingo on Computer for FreeQuality online bingo sites have different rooms you can join. Some rooms will be open at particular times while others will be open round the clock, and the rooms also run different bingo variants. The best bingo sites will sell playing cards all of differing amounts in different rooms, and have prize pools worth different amounts.

Most major dedicated bingo sites will have rooms where you can play for free, and they will usually reward winners with either money placed into their bingo account, free playing cards for other rooms or bonus loyalty points for their loyalty reward program. There may be certain requirements a player must meet to play in a free room – for instance, the player must have registered account with the bingo site and have made a real money deposit before.

Bingo Australia: Has its Free Bingo! Room which is open from 8am – 1am. It’s open to all Bingo Australia members without any other restrictions. For every round of free bingo, you win you’ll win an entry into the weekly Bingo Australia raffle draw and win playing cards in other bingo games worth 5 cents to 25 cents. This room also has a live chat feature so you can talk to other players in the game, too.

Kitty Bingo: has Kitty Club Free Bingo, which is run as a part of its loyalty reward program. The ranking you are on in the Kitty Club is determined by how often you deposit and how much you deposit. The higher your club ranking, the more access you have to the free bingo games with cash prizes. For instance, if you are bronze, you have access to the free bingo held everyday at 9pm that has a prize pool of $50. If you’re gold level or above you can play the $500 prize pool free bingo held on the first Friday of every month at 9.30pm. If you are ruby or emerald level (the two highest levels) you can play for a prize pool of $1000 for free on the second Friday of every month at 9.30pm.

Aussie Dollar Bingo: has a 100% Free Bingo room that is open to all Aussie Dollar Bingo members however you must have made a real money deposit within the seven days in order to be eligible to win a prize in the Free Bingo Room. When you win in free bingo you win entries into the weekly raffle draw, which gives out cash and playing card prizes. Chat Host games with additional prizes are sometimes run in the Free Bingo Room as well.

Lucky Pants Bingo: has a tiered loyalty rewards club that gives you access to different amounts of free bingo games depending on your loyalty club status, which is similar to Kitty Bingo’s. Free bingo rooms with $50 prizes are held daily and is open to all members except those in the newbie club. Newbie level members have their own exclusive free bingo room that other players don’t have access to. Silver members and up also have access to weekly $100 free bingo, gold and up have access to monthly $500 free bingo and ruby and emerald level members have access to $1000 prize pool monthly free bingo.

Take Advantage Of Welcome Bonuses

Usually when you sign up to an online casino there will be a welcome bonus advertised, and this welcome bonus is usually a deposit-match system, where the player must make a real money deposit before they can redeem this bonus money. Bingo sites like the ones above, on the other hand, will often give you a welcome bonus of free playing money before you even make your first deposit, and then will match your deposit by some percentage when you do make your first money deposit.

Playing with this free welcome bonus is the same as playing bingo for free. For example, True Blue Bingo will give you $5 for free before you make your first deposit, and give you 200% back on your first deposit. In some rooms, True Blue Bingo sells playing cards for as little as one cent each, so you’ll definitely be able to get quite a few free games out of your welcome bonus.

Play So Cheaply It’s Practically Free

Bingo is one of the cheapest online gambling games you can play online. The most expensive a playing card will get usually get is 25 cents each and they can be purchased for as little as one cent each. You can buy multiple playing cards in the one game of bingo but if you want to play for as little as possible you can purchase only one playing card per game and then you can stretch out your bingo playing time for very little cost.

At True Blue Bingo, if you head to the Easy Wins rooms playing cards only cost one cent each. Even the most expensive playing cards at True Blue Bingo are only 20 cents each. While buying a one-cent playing card isn’t technically playing for free, it is very, very cheap and you have the chance to win a real money prize pool.

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