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Bingo is one of the easiest games to play, but there are many factors that come into play when finding an easy bingo title to score a win. These include the type of housie game, rules, when you can play, and whether or not you can win a substantial amount. We go through all of these numerous factors so you can find a bingo title to win easily.

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Types of bingo

There are many different types of bingo, with some available more so at land-based halls, and others more common online, as well as some variants only being offered at specific bingo sites. To determine which variant is the easiest for players to win money on, we need to take a look at what is available.

90-ball bingo – 90-ball bingo has three rows and nine columns, using balls numbered from one to 90 and is usually played in three stages. It features one line, where players need to mark five numbers across the row; two lines, where the players need to mark 10 numbers on two lines; and then the full house, where players mark all 15 numbers on one card off. This game is found online more so than the other variants.

75-ball bingo – This bingo type is the most common variant played at land-based bingo halls, however it isn’t as widely available online. There are balls numbered from one to 75 with bingo cards aligned in five rows and five columns. The pattern can be simple or complex for players to achieve depending on the game and the aim is to daub the numbers in the pattern.

80-ball bingo – This variant is a mixture between 90-ball and 75-ball bingo and sees any line, the four middle squares, four columns, four corners, or a full house totalling 16 numbers to win.

30-ball bingo – Probably the quickest bingo variant and the rarest to find as it is only played with 30 balls and uses a three row and three column card, with the aim of the game to fill all the nine numbers to the numbers being called out.

Since level of ease is incredibly subjective, the easiest bingo variant ultimately comes down to you as a player. For example, if you find less numbers easier you will find 30-ball variants the easiest titles to play, while if you have learnt 75-ball bingo at a land-based bingo hall you will most likely find it the easiest variant to play online. This is necessary as an easy win usually coincides with an easy game.

Easiest bingo games to play and win online

We have gone through some of our favourite bingo sites to find the easiest games which they each offer. Obviously players need to find games they play with ease in order to win easily, so we have found potential candidates for you to try out at three of our favourite bingo sites.

Lucky Pants Bingo easiest games – Lucky pants bingo offers Newbie 90-ball, a low limit bingo room with one card for just one cent, as well as with the ability to auto pick your cards to make things a bit easier. This means you can buy more tickets giving you more chances to win. However, the size of your winnings isn’t that high. For those who are after 75-ball, there are pre buy tickets that offer great easy bonus wins. For those who like a faster paced game but don’t want to compromise the number of balls, Lucky Pants Bingo also have a title called Turbo bingo which is a 90-ball variant but played faster.

Easiest games at Kitty Bingo – As Kitty Bingo owns Lucky Pants Bingo, it should be no surprise that they have their own new player bingo room too, specifically called the Kitty Newbie Room. Besides this, the only other room available for play for Aussies in the day time is the after dark 90-ball room as the bingo site is located in foreign waters. This means that in order to get access to every other room Aussies will have to play at night time in order to play games that offer more chances to win.

Easy games at True Blue Bingo – The two easiest games at True Blue Bingo to win around the clock are the Ice Breaker which is a 75-ball game and the Grapevin which is a 90-ball game. We believe the two variations are the best to play as they are available to play 24/7 while the other titles require players to come back at a certain time which can be difficult for some players who don’t have time to schedule in bingo games.

Progressive jackpot housie: While the aforementioned titles are the easiest to play and win in order for players to win big, bingo jackpot progressive titles are the best option. All of our recommended bingo sites offer progressive jackpots and still obviously require luck but are the easiest ways to win big.

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