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Online bingo is a fun and relaxing game to play, and there is the added excitement of potentially making some serious money. But is there anyway of ensuring that you consistently make money from online bingo?

Like with any other casino game or gambling game, there’s no sure fire way to win against your gaming provider. Bingo is a random game so there is no way of ensuring you hit the bingo jackpot every time. Having said that, if you are selective about how and where you play bingo, you can definitely better your chances.

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Online bingo real cash bonuses

We would recommend that you play bingo online rather than offline. Some bingo players prefer playing in a bingo hall because of the atmosphere of the game in a live environment, but there are many social elements to online bingo as well the same sort of player would enjoy.

Most Internet bingo rooms will have a chat feature where any competing players can chat with each other if they wish. If you have a friend who enjoys playing bingo as well, you can even organise to play in the same virtual room together – if your friends are separated by distance or time, this is a great way to enjoy the game together.

There’s also Chat Host games, where your room’s host moderator will organise interactive games for the players in that room to play whilst the main bingo game is underway. In Chat Host games you can usually win additional prizes for participating in the additional ‘chat’ games, which are silly but fun side distractions worth partipating in for the extra prizes.

However, the main reason we recommend online bingo over offline bingo is that it’s easier to make more money when you’re playing online. This is because playing cards are often cheaper with bigger cash prizes given, meaning you can play more games and have a shot at more money. Internet bingo sites can afford to offer players bigger real cash prizes because there’s less overheads in running a digital bingo hall than a live venue.

Online games are also daubed automatically, which means it’s very easy to play multiple playing cards for the same round of bingo. This isn’t such a simple task if you are playing at an actual bingo hall.

Best places to play online bingo

To make money playing online bingo in the long run, it’s imperative you are selective about where to play. Online bingo sites each have different welcome bonuses, playing costs, promos, loyalty programs etc.

You need to find a bingo provider who has fun and exciting bingo variants that appeal to you as well as handsome jackpots and good ways of rewarding their customers. This is particularly important if you are a regular bingo player. Being selective about which online bingo providers you use will pay off.

All of the sites we recommend here at are safe and tested regularly by the editors and writers of the site, so we know first hand the experiences, security and services offered at these sites before we advise our players to visit them.

Bingo strategies

As stated before, there’s no way to guarantee you’ll win a game of bingo, but there are bingo strategies out there that some players swear by. One is playing in bingo rooms with fewer players so that you have less competition, sometimes this means playing in rooms with smaller jackpot prizes as these tend to attract fewer players.

Another is purchasing multiple playing cards for the same round of bingo to increase your chances of being the first to cross off your numbers on at least one of your playing cards. Most games online are auto-daubed without you selecting anything however make sure that your games are auto-daubed. You don’t want to miss crossing off a vital number.

Progressive jackpot housie profits

Progressive jackpots bingo games can be incredibly enticing. In progressive jackpot housie games a percentage of the cost of each playing card sold is added to the jackpot. Depending on where you play these can grow to very high amounts. All the major dedicated bingo sites will have progressive jackpot bingo games on offer.

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